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Tumbling Dice 1/72 ancients metal figures: War of the Roses & Burgundian Wars, 1480

There are no images of Tumbling Dice excellent ranges of 1/72 ancients available online, as far as I know, so I decided to post a scan of the few samples I have. I hope they don't mind! As you can see the sculpting is very good and crisp, poses are nice and there is no flash to speak of. What's more, all of these figures could be drafted to bolster your plastic army as they are perfectly compatible in size and proportions. Being metal they are of course a bit more expensive then mass produced plastic, I think they're about US$0.80 per figure, but still pretty good at least for those extra figures you may need to complete your army. The range is generous, including hard to find poses like Mounted Crossbows, artillery models including Organ Guns, Cannons and Bombards with Crew and command figures including foot and mounted Trumpeters and Standard Bearers. Personally I'm just waiting to have enough cash to spare to get them all... :)
The contact details I've got, by no means up to date, are:
Tumbling Dice Miniatures
96 Sandfield Road, Arnold, Nottingham NG5 6QJ, England
+44(0)115 926 8800
There are also a number of distributors on line.

Tumbling dice scan

As well as lots of WWI, WWII, English Civil War & 30 Years War figures which fall beyond the scope of this site, Tumbling Dice also produce two more ranges that fall into the "ancient" range:
Viking & Norman Invasions, 1066 A.D.
The Crusades, 1180 - 1250 A.D.
Unfortunately I haven't got any of these except this lonely Viking guy here:

Tumbling dice scan

I'll post more scans of Tumbling Dice miniatures here as soon as I get around to actually buy any! Couple of years at least I'd guess... :)

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