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Code: 15JNZ

Ottoman Jannissary archers as they may have appeared in late 14th - early 15th Century, and are designed especially to be used as reg Bw(S) in DBM list 55 book IV, Ottoman 1281AD - 1512AD.
"The government-issued equipment of the Jannissary infantry was simple but of good quality, as was their heavy woollen clothing." (from MAA 140 "Armies of the Ottoman Turks 1300-1774 © Copyright 1983 Osprey Publishing Ltd. - Used without permission.)

Each pack contains 8 identical jannissary archers. All figures are sold unpainted!

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Pack of 8 unpainted figures (contains lead): EURO€ 4.00
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Code: 20ATL1

This is a wheels conversion kit for Atlantic/Nexus 1/72 plastic Egyptian Chariots.
Anyone who is familiar with this set knows the main issue with these models are the wheels, not only they're way too chubby, they're also way undersized.
In the top picture here you can see the plastic chariot assembled as it comes out of the box, with the original tiny fat wheels... :)
The black and white picture below shows a real Egyptian chariot recovered from the tomb of Amenophis III for comparison. As you can see the cab here is open, unlike the one in the model, but the overall shape and size is quite accurate. One can assume that in battle the wooden frame would have been covered with a leather screen for extra protection...
Under it you can see the converted chariots with the new metal wheels on.
The bottom picture shows an example of the complete chariot converted with our kit, painted and based.
As you can see here I've also attached the axle to the back of the chariot, where it should be, and not in the middle of the cab where the locating pins are. You can do this simply by removing the pins provided at the bottom of the cab and gluing it in the right position. In any case the wheels will work just fine even if you want to leave the axle where it is.
Please note: This kit includes the wheels only!
You'll still have to buy the models yourself separately from a retailer of 1/72 plastic figures.
This kit include six (6) wheels, enough to convert three chariots. You'll need two packs to convert all six chariots you get in one Nexus box.

Egyptian chariot conversion kit (metal): EURO€ 4.00

Currently in stock: 0 sorry! There may be more available at some point...

This kit is also available in resin. It's lighter, strong, flexible and cheaper, but it will require careful cleaning... the thin resin flash is removed easily with a sharp blade or simply by scraping it away, but you'll have to do that yourself!

Egyptian chariot conversion kit (resin): EURO€ 2.50

Currently in stock: 0 sorry! There may be more available at some point...

Code: 28RDS

Reeds are the most typical vegetation in wetland sites throughout cold, temperate and tropical regions of the world. In nature it is often found along rivers or around lakes, marsh, pond, swamps, fens, etc. It commonly forms extensive stands, up to a square kilometre or more (known as reedbeds); where conditions are suitable, it can grow to over 6 m tall. It is of special interest on the wargaming tables as it can effectively conceal anything within or behind, one could easily hide an army in a reedbed. These models can be used on their own, or based together with some other scenic product that models tall grass, field grass and reeds. In this way you can represent common reeds, bulrush, cattail as well as maize or other cereal crops, etc. Our favourite use is for marking river and lake edges that block the line of sight!
The pack contains approximately 15 grams of a random selection mix of several different styles, more or less what you see in the color picture.

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Code: 20RHO

The roundhouse is the most typical of Celtic buildings, and was very common in the ancient Celtic world, that is to say roughly all of what is now modern Europe.
This model is based on the most recent archaeological evidence and it is a very accurate and highly detailed reproduction, including removable thatch roof and interior. The interior is left as open as possible to accommodate figures or other models for scenario games, yet include much detail. The model is about 14 cm (5 and half inches) wide. Using 28mm figures it would be about 6 meters in diameter with the roof just over 8 meters across.


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