Converting 1/72 ancients plastic figures: Carthaginian Command

What's the point to convert a figure which is already available? Well, Carthaginian mounted commands in DBA/DBM is classed Reg Cv(O), and should have three mounted figures on the base. Hat Carthaginian Command and cavary set (8056) do include three mounted figures, but one of them is in a rather stiff pose I don't like much, that's all really! :)
The two nicer poses are perfect for standard bearers, so what I needed was a good looking officer, possibly wearing a breastplate cuirass and resembling someone from the Barca family, that is, in 1/72, a bloke with a beard... ;) There is a perfect figure in the same set, but he's on foot... so chop chop, and hey pronto: Hannibal on horseback!
The horse and the rider's legs are of course from the other mounted figure I didn't like much, while the shield is actually from Hat Roman Command set (8051), because it has a much nicer central boss (here the hole has already been filled with PVA).

HAT 8056 conversion

The bottom of the breastplate offers a very convenient point for cutting and reassembling the figure, the legs have been pinned to the horse with a steel pin, left out for about half the lenght. I have then cut it shorter and used as support for the upper body. The shield covers conveniently one side of the joint, for the other I used a very small amount of milliput to smooth the gap, then I carved out some space for a sword, which is also provided in the same set; this is just glued on using Loctite's Plastix glue. I also carved out the shape of the leg, since the original figure had a sort of baggy pants which didn't fit well with the new upper body.
I haven't decide yet if I'll give him some sort of standard or a weapon to hold in the raised arm or not, I quite like the posture as it is, in a sort of gesture that seems fairly appropriate for a commanding officer giving the order to attack.

HAT 8056 conversion

I'll post pictures of the painted figure here as soon as I get around to actually paint it! :)

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