Converting 1/72 ancients plastic figures: Imperial Roman Auxilia

This is a classic convertion, Hat is about to release some proper figures for imperial roman auxilia but I have already have one element of converted figures finished and two more (8 figures) under construction, so I'm going to finish these off anyway... I look forward to the new Hat figures to build up faster the numbers of the element available for my DBM army!
The base figure is an early imperial legionary from the old ESCI set, recently re-issued by Italeri (6047), you can use most figures in that set. The actual conversion is very straightforward: use a sharp surgical scalpel to blade off the lorica segmentata, the body armor of the legionary, then add an auxiliary troops shield. These were flat because that was cheaper to manufacture, and that makes it conveniently easy to scratch build. I've used thin cardboard cut to shape and made rigid by soaking it in superglue. You can use many other materials for this, like plasticard or even thin metal sheet. The boss is build up by several layers of PVA, put a drop in the right place (I use the head of a steel pin for this) let it dry and repeat until it builds up to the desired level. The actual number of layers required depend on how thick is the PVA you use, the one you see here is only two layers, using very thick PVA.

Italeri 6047 conversion Italeri 6047 conversion

I'll post pictures of the finished figures here as soon as I get around to finish them! :)

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