Converting 1/72 ancients plastic figures: Camps and Baggage

There has been interest recently about the figures available for Ancient camps and baggage, so I thought I dust out a few of my old ones for your entertainment... :)

This is a camp base I made for my Republican Roman army, is made mostly out of Nexus re-issue of Atlantic's "life in the Acropolis". The general taking the omens is of course the ESCI one, with the sword removed. This is a very old piece and it shows in the quality of the paint job I'm afraid, but the figures are really nice... The standards are a recent addition after they have been released by HAT.
Roman Camp

This is the same seen from the other side. The wine spilling (Libatio) is a piece of very fine nylon wire covered in superglue and painted, the amphorae is scratch built, the chest is from some other set I can't remember... With a few modification a base like this would be suitable for any Greek army, just replace the Tribune with a Strategos... :)
Roman Camp

This is a camp base I made for a Skithians army I never finished, and is now likely to see service as Armenian first... Figures are Nexus re-issue or original Atlantic American West frontier sets: Sioux and Apache Indian camps (the women) and 7th Cavalry camp (the two guys and the hanging cooking pots). The two fireplaces next to the women are part of the figures, the others are scratch built using small real stone and milliput. The sack of grain and all the food is scratch built out of milliput.
Skithian Camp

This is the same seen from the other side. The firewood is made of real twigs cut to length and soaked in PVA to preserve them. The females had the feathers chopped off, and the boys have their hats trimmed and reshaped with milliput, but that's about it. A different painting scheme would make these figures suitable for a variety of ancient peoples. Most of the old Atlantic figures in this range are quite skinny but muscular, which really makes them perfect for slaves and young followers of an ancient army!
Roman Camp

This is an Ancient Spanish camp base, the warriors figures are again Nexus re-issue or original Atlantic American West frontier sets: Sioux and Apache Indian camps (the hunters and the guy who chops firewood, the girl skinning the cattle and the roasting spits) and Gold Rush (the sitting guy). The noble woman is from Atlantic's "life in the Acropolis", the amphorae and the food are scratch built in milliput, and so is the cattle carcass.
Skithian Camp

This is the same seen from the other side. The girl was actually skinning a Buffalo, I just chopped the Buffalo head off and made a cow one out of milliput. I liked how it came out, so I ended up making a whole skinned carcass! :) Most of the figures used in this and in the Skithian camps can be used for any barbaric army really, and some well up into the dark ages...
Roman Camp

This is just a bunch of figure I haven't found the time to finish painting yet, but will eventually become a Late Imperial Roman/Dark ages pack animal baggage base... The girl in medieval dress on the horse is obviously Marian form Airfix's Robin Hood set, I think she makes a perfect soldier's wife... :)
The baggage porter next to her is another figure from Atlantic American West frontier set: Gold Rush, and so are the guy with the pack mules and the mule in the bottom left. The figures had their hat trimmed and reshaped with milliput, and the rifles carried on their back chopped off and replaced with swords and spear. The pack mule in the center is actually a 15mm pack horse from Essex, with extra ears built of Green Stuff. The "thing" in the foreground is a baby Buffalo from Atlantic's Buffalo Bill set, having a wool coat build up in Milliput, I reckon he'll do a passable mutton... ;) There are other mules in Davy Crockett, as well as loads of baggage stuff, and in the newly released IMEX "Lewis and Clark" set, which also contains some more usable figures. IMEX "Pioneers" has cattle and pigs, and yet a couple more interesting figures for conversions.
Skithian Camp

There are many other figures suitable for other armies and other ages, once upon the time I finish some new one, and when it happens I'll add them to this page... promise! :)

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