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Using BAUEDA 15mm fortifications with 1/72 plastic figures!

Quite a few people already asked, so I decided to provide this guide for using BAUEDA 15mm fortifications with 1/72 plastic figures. You can buy all the fortifications modules you see in this page from my own studio: BAUEDA WARGAMES, but first of all two words of introduction: BAUEDA only use polyurethane for its resin casts, which is the highest quality product available on the market. Compared to polyester resin used by most manufacturers (the smelly stuff) polyurethane plastic is safer to work with, it's much tougher and best of all it doesn't smell. Unsurprisingly it's also considerably more expensive.
"HOPPIDUS" is a modular system for any ancient fortifications based around the classic ditch/embankment and palisade model popularly thought as Roman, but effectively used from before Hellenistic times to well up into the middle ages, with only minor differences. Each element, or module, is available in several different variations all compatible with each other, to suit most ancient historical periods and personal taste, and to allow for the max variety. They can be assembled as separate 40mm long sections suitable to be used as temporary or permanent fortifications with DBA/M rules for 15mm. Any separate walltop can be used on any earthwork embankment of the same generic shape, either straight or round sections. While being specifically designed and generally marketed for 15mm, a little overlap exists between this and the 20mm scale equivalent to 1/72 plastic figures. Basically what is a rather substantial fortification in 15mm does often work equally well as a somewhat smaller fieldwork. Often. Not always. This is what this page is all about!

BAUEDA 15mm fortifications with 1/72 plastic figures

Here you can see an assortment of some of the basic modules next to a few common 1/72 figures, as you can see several palisades are quite suitable and the embankment which is a considerable bulwark in 15mm makes for a small rampart in 20mm, the kind that would be appropriate for a marching camp for instance...

Next below you can see the 15FOR-w medieval gate with a Revell 100YW Men at Arms. A picture is worth a thousand words as they say...

BAUEDA 15mm fortifications with 1/72 plastic figures

The same figure with the 15FOR-S embankment mounting a 15FOR-D palisade on top, and 15FOR-4 barrier to close the gap.
BAUEDA 15mm fortifications with 1/72 plastic figures

The main thing you have to keep in mind is that these modules are 40mm of frontage, which is not the right size for using with DBx rules in 25mm. It's a multiple, so you can use 3 modules for the same frontage required for 2 TF, or you can saw and glue them. It's not a major issue, not for everyone anyway, but I want you to be aware of it. Another thing you have to remember is that if you don't base your 1/72 individually the required depth of 25mm bases in some rules may create you problems, and finally don't forget that the bases themselves may add considerably to the height of the figure, which may have a major impact on the apparent size.
Here below you can see the point illustrated: a group of the same Revell figures are mounted on a base which in turn has been mounted on a wider base, a common practice when changing rules or classification. While the 15FOR-L extra-deep embankment can comfortably cope with the increased depth, the figures base has become so thick that the palisade doesn't even reach shoulder height anymore...

BAUEDA 15mm fortifications with 1/72 plastic figures

Once you keep the above in mind you can still find many uses for the range, for example as BUA or camps... Below is a scan of DBA1 with some HAT Late Imperial archers. Despite being designed as a 15mm camp the 1/72 Auxilia Palatina Sagittarii without extra basing are quite at home in it!
BAUEDA 15mm fortifications with 1/72 plastic figures

For completeness here below is what the "ALESIA" range of 20/25mm fortifications looks like with 1/72 figures.
The top image is of the palisade 20PAL is on the right and 20PAL-b on the left, the figures are a couple of HAT's Lybians in Carthaginian service. The image underneath is of the dry stone wall , the figures are Newline Design's Samnites.
As you can see from the pictures the ALESIA range comes in 60mm frontage sections, so it doesn't have any of the issues highlighted above!

BAUEDA 15mm fortifications with 1/72 plastic figures
BAUEDA 15mm fortifications with 1/72 plastic figures

That's it, I hope you'll like what you see, but I provided this guide specifically to avoid people the painful experience to buy something and discover it's not good for them. I don't think selling you something that is not appropriate for your intended use would be any good for anyone, I want only happy customers! So if you have any question which is not answered here please feel free to contact me directly at BAUEDA WARGAMES and have a good time with the HOPPIDUS range!

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