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All our figures and metal parts are Lead Free. Take care of your health and those you love!

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4 April

Do you want the very best Italian quality and craftsmanship? Then Baueda is for you!

Welcome to our online shop and catalog where you'll find all our products directly from the developer and manufacturer of the highest quality tabletop wargame accessories and miniatures! Make sure to check out this page often for the latest news, as we are constantly expanding all our ranges!
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Most important of all anyway, please be warned that ALL our products are not toys and are not intended for children of any age!

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Our ranges so far:

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The most innovative and exciting WWII skirmish game in town!

15mm Historical figures

Want Vikings? Romans? Normans? Always been looking for incendiary pigs? You've come to the right place!

Pre-painted items!
No time to paint?
Never mind, we have done it for you!

15mm and 28mm battlefield scenics and accessories
CAMA 15mm WWII sceneryLooking for the best scenics for your WWII games?
You just found them!

15mm and 28mm tents, camp and baggage

You have the army, now finally you can get a
great looking camp for it

Modular 15mm ancient fortifications
Using this modular system you can create field fortifications, impregnable stronghold and even entire walled cities for a large variety of ancient armies!

Our architectural range
15mm ancient buildings, towers and city walls!

28mm Fantasy & Fantasy Football
Bored with mainstream Fantasy settings? Try THIS!
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Do you like 1:72 plastic soldiers? Don't miss plastikornar then!

KLEOS: 15mm Chinese pavilion!

15mm ancient Chinese square pavilion that fits on a 40x40mm base

>15mm ancient Chinese square pavilion

HOSTIS: 15mm Caesar’s army (Marian Roman)!

Alea iacta est! Check out our fabulous new 15mm Late Republican Roman range! The conquest of Gaul, the invasion of Britain, the Civil War, Spartacus revolt! Caesar, Anthony, Pompey, Crassus, Sertorius: a well researched, high quality and comprehensive range for the most exciting period of Roman history!


KLEOS: Supper Time!

Our ever-growing selection of logistic now include four brand new codes of exquisitely crafted 15mm camp figures and accessories, perfect for any army from Ancient Classical times to the late Middle Ages!


latest update: READY to PLAY gets more trees!!

Five new style of trees have been added to the selection!!! In the Ready to Play area you will find all sorts of hand assembled and hand painted high quality models ready for your gaming tables!


1-48TACTIC: 28mm round scenic bases

60mm round scenic bases just perfect to play 1-48TACTIC
60mm round scenic bases

CAMA: 15mm WWII Desert Fortifications

Our 15mm WWII range which includes nearly 40 different packs of scenic bases, objectives, bunkers, fortifications and entrenchments is now also covering desert theatres!


BAUEDA products are designed to give you the very best quality in materials as well as in craftsmanship! We only use high grade polyurethane for our resin casts, the highest quality product available on the market; it is very durable and hard-wearing. Our metal cast are made using an alloy that doesn't contain lead. Whenever possible we offer our products in three different versions:
  • Plain Cast as it comes out of the mold: models are bottom-sanded only, some scrubbing with washing liquid left to do but as inexpensive as possible;
  • Cleaned and primed ready to paint, triple primer-coated and based;
  • Finished models painted to the highest quality, based and flocked: ready for the tabletop!
We hope in this way to accommodate your needs whatever you have more money or time on hand. Please note that usually no final protective coat is given to our painted stock models. Ask for it if you want it. For more information check out the FAQs

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