DBA II/11 Gallic (400BC - 50BC)

Only one of the possible configurations of this army, really.

The warband are a mix of AIRFIX, ESCII, REVELL and ITALERI. The flag on one stand is a left over from a precedent basing I never get around to remove. Sometimes is handy anyway... :)

The general Chariot is of course the old dear one from AIRFIX, with the big fat improbable solid wheels. I couldn't find spoked ones at the time, and I can't be asked to change them now... I like their fantasy look anyway. The chariot has been customized a bit adding Milliput details, a yoke and reins. The driver is from the ATLANTIC Sioux set, and the chieftain is from REVELL's Gauls. The escort is Newline Design, with a scratch built banner.

The other chariot is Newline Design, including the crew and the escort. I only have added reins. I like to have 3 horses on chariot bases as it's classed as CV in DBA/M after all...

The Psiloi javelin men are also REVELL's Gauls.

The camp is made with two tents also from the ATLANTIC Sioux set, with a Newline spare shield.


More of the same... but using flash light.


Ancient Spanish

Polybian Romans

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