DBA II/33 Polybian Romans (275BC - 105BC)

The Roman Army of the Punic wars, based on Polybius.

The command and the other equites are Newline Design riders mounted on REVELL Horses. A bad idea as it turned out, because the weight of the lead rider is making the horse oscillating all the time, and will eventually brake the horse leg. I did this because the original Newline horses were too small for my taste, the new one look great anyway, so if I should do it again now I would use the metal horses.

The legion Hastati, Princeps and Triarii (in the back) are all HAT. The foot command in the center include a ESCII centurio, a REVELL pretorian guard and tribune, and even a signifer from the very first AIRFIX set. The element behind is also made of the old AIRFIX kneeling figures but equipped with REVELL Pretorian shields.

The camp is made with figures from the old ATLANTIC set (now re-released by NEXUS) "life in the acropolys", the legatus who's taking the omens is from the ESCII set (sword removed), the standards are HAT and the anphorae is scratch built in Milliput.

The psiloi archers are REVELL Pretorians.


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