DBA II/39 Ancient Spanish (240BC - 20BC)

This is my Ancient Spanish army, admittedly is using a few elements which are not exactly Spanish, but with time I'll get around to replace them... The three element of Wb/Ax in the back are actually Celts and Ligurians, but they will soon be proper Celtiberians courtesy of HAT, and so is teh Celtic Cavalry and supporting Ps, as soon as Spanish Cavalry will be relesased! Anyway the rest of the army is genuinely Spanish already! :)
The Wb/Ax command is made with metal figures from Newline Design, and so are the LH and the BAlearic slingers. The two scutarii and the caetrati elements are from HAT's set #8019 - Spanish Infantry and the camp element is scratchbuilt using a variety of converted figures, you can see more details of it here.



Polybian Romans

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