I just realized that there are no good scans of the rather exceptional "Conquest of Mexico" series that Revell produced in the 80s, so I've decided to remedy this terrible shame!
This is only one of the two sets produced in this serie, the other one is Aztecs.

2568 box 2568 box

First of all some general data about the set:
  • contains 58 parts, 44 figures, of which 2 mounted.
  • Usual "book" type of sprue Revell used for all their releases in those years.
  • made of soft grey plastic, excellent sharp detail, no flash, all parts fits very well.
  • shields have a peg that fit into a hole in the figure, can't beat that IMHO.
  • Elite include 1 foot officer, 2 mounted knights in two poses, 1 standard bearer and 2 different wardogs.
  • Troops include 8 pikemen (4 front and 4 rear rank), 8 arquebusiers in two poses, 16 infantry in four poses and 8 crossbowmen (4 standing and 4 kneeling).
The sprue is divided in "cells", some of which are unique and some repeated several times, here they are:

2568 sprue

This is the command group, including one horseman. 1 cell in the set.
2568 sprue

This is the rest of the cavalry. 1 cell in the set.
2568 sprue

This are the pikes and shots guys, (note that the front rank are more heavily armoured!) plus the kneeling crossbowman. 4 cells in the set.
2568 sprue

...and these are the heavy infantry chaps, plus the other crossbowman, standing with a large, almost pavise-like shield slung to his back. 4 cells in the set.

I'll be nice and I will spare you an inordinate amount of personal comments on why I think this was a very good set, the pictures speaks for themselves anyway! Pity about having only 2 mounted, but as it's often the case is a matter of two or nothing, so I'm very glad these are included!

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