Revell 2569: AZTECS

I just realized that there are no good scans of the rather exceptional "Conquest of Mexico" series that Revell produced in the 80s, so I've decided to remedy this terrible shame!
This is only one of the two sets produced in this serie, the other one is Conquistadores.

2568 box 2568 box

First of all some general data about the set:
  • contains 51 parts, 48 figures on foot.
  • Usual "book" type of sprue Revell used for all their releases in those years.
  • made of soft brick red plastic, excellent sharp detail, no flash, all parts fits very well.
  • Pennants have a peg that fit into holes in the figure, can't beat that IMHO.
  • Elite include 3 different commanders with stunning standards and 8 warriors of the eagle and jaguar orders in four poses.
  • Troops include 19 light infantry in 5 poses, 8 shielded archers in two poses, and 10 slingers in two poses.
The sprue is divided in "cells", some of which are unique and some repeated several times, here they are:

2568 sprue

This is the command group, including three different commanders, one each for the jaguar and eagle order and a CiC wearing a crocodile head and the most amazing plumed pennant. 1 cell in the set.
2568 sprue

This are the warriors of the order of the jaguar and the eagle, plus a light infantry man armed with a nasty looking mace! 2 cells in the set.
2568 sprue

This are the light infantry guys, including the slingers. One of them is armed with javelins. 5 cells in the set (note that only one set include the two pennants seen here, which are for the religious orders captains).
2568 sprue

...and these are the shielded archers, plus another light infantryman armed with a obsidian studded club. 2 cells in the set.

I'll be nice and I will spare you an inordinate amount of personal comments on why I think this was an exceptionally good set, the pictures speaks for themselves anyway! The only obvious sin is the kneeling archer, but apart of that the set is just incredibly well sculpted and detailed, all the poses are very good, and... well, as I've said I'll spare you the rest... :)

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