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- What's all about: -

1/72 plastic toy soldiers, also known as HO/00 and roughly equivalent to 20mm, are my favorite figures to wargame with. Why? I don't know really, I just like them. Something to do with my childhood no doubt.

Below you'll find links to a series of pages dedicated to ancients wargaming in 20mm, mainly using DBM rules, and covering a number of related topics: figures available, painting and basing tips, figures conversion, terrain and scenics, etc.

This page is only meant to deliver basic information and links to the articles, is the page you should bookmark to check out for updates, and therefore I keep it on purpose as simple and fast as possible to load: only one picture, no maps, frames, java, etc. The pages linked below however do contain many large images, and may take a while to load on somewhat slow connections.

All the figures shown here are 1/72 scale, based for 25mm DBA/DBM games, a few metal but mostly plastic. All misspelling, grammatical errors and form abuse have been purposely introduced for your entertainment and have absolutely nothing to do whatsoever with the fact I'm not a native English speaker and these pages are usually written late at night under the effect of intoxicating substances of all sorts.



Plastic Kornar has moved!

This is just a quick note to record that the site which used to be at has a new (and this time permanent) home! The old page will be a dead link soon as I'm closing down the demon account, the new URL is

Please update your links!


This time it's rules! They're called Fast'n'Furious and as the name suggests they are simple, fast and fun rules for ancient and medieval skirmish scale games, designed to cover roughly from 3000 BC to 1400 AD. As well as classic field battles these rules also allow for opposed landing actions and ancient siege operations, as even in ancient times many actions included landings and were directed to assault a fortified site, and that's lot of cool toys to play with anyway! :) The emphasis is on fast, simple and enjoyable basic mechanics, suitable for games with many players, but which produce accurate results in harmony with actual historical tactics. Version 1.1 is available at The basic rule set makes for a very simple game intended mainly for multiplayer but perfectly suitable for one2one, designed for demo games at conventions and primarily to have fun with all manners of cool siege toys and ships really... that's all in 1/72 of course! ;) Once you are ready for more the advanced rules provide tons of extra details! There are sample scenario included, and you'll always find a copy of the latest version and all available support material in the files section of the group, so give it a try, have fun, and don't forget to post your comments!


Well, it looks like I only manage one article per year lately, but at least this is a good one, or so I hope!
It's a big page with lots of pictures, so it may take a while to load, but there is plenty to read in the meantime:
Claudio's Painting guide

If you think it really is too big for a single page just drop me a line and I'll brake it two parts!


Wow, nearly a year since last update, times goes so fast! I've been very busy with my new activity, and this is actually an update that has a lot to do with it... let's be honest, it's a shameless plug really! :)
I had a few people recently asking me about fortifications for 1/72, so I decided it was the case to show what the BAUEDA Hoppidus range looks like when used with plastic figures...
So click here and find out exactly how suitable or not they are!


Finally managed to find the time to finish the Libyans, so at last here it is:
Conversions: Early Libyans (Part 2)

While I was at it, I also put up some pictures of the finished element that were still missing in another project:
Conversions: Celt-iberian warrior

That's all, so Merry X-mas and Happy New Year to you all!


I've just realized there are no good quality scans of Revell's excellent "Conquest of Mexico" series, so I've added some here:

Revell 2568: Conquistadores
Revell 2569: Aztecs


Nothing new really, but in response to the recent interest on DBLCHM about suitable figures for camps and baggage for ancients I thought I could post a few pictures, so here they are!

Conversions: ancient camps and baggage Roman (Greek), Eastern Mediterranean (Persian, Skithians, etc.), Spanish (Celtiberian, Gauls), pack animals (any).


I've been very busy developing BAUEDA with an eye at making available accessories and buildings suitable for wargaming in 20mm. Very little is ready for now, but it's a start!

I've finally found a moment to post an update: Conversions: Early Libyans (Part 1) I hope I'll find the time to finish this project and post part 2 soon...


I've added a page of rough sketches for a series of 20mm ancient buildings I hope I will find the time to make the masters for.


I've added some new stuff, first some pictures of little known 20mm metal figures:

Tumbling Dice War of the Roses & Burgundian Wars, 1480

Then a new conversion I've been working on for a while:

Conversions: War elephant

And a simple way to make your own shields and other simple accessories:

Scratch building: Greek Hoplons

Also I've managed to finish the first page dedicated to basing figures: Greek mercenary peltasts


At last I got myself a new flatbed scanner, not as good as a digital camera for taking pictures of figures, but at least I can post some new image!

I've made a couple of new pages, hope you enjoy them, let me know what you think, feedback is always welcome!

Conversions: Celt-iberian warrior

Conversions: Chartaginian Command

Conversions: Imperial Roman Auxilia

Basing: Greek mercenary peltasts


Finally managed to take some new shot... these are a couple of my DBA armies:

Gallic (400BC - 50BC)

Polybian Romans (275BC - 105BC)

Ancient Spanish (240BC - 20BC)


For the moment there is only a bunch of pictures here, I'm collecting material and when I'll have enough I'll try to find the time to organize properly, and then I'll turn it all into HTML and put it on-line here, and will be beautiful and the world will be amazed, and there will be something for everyone: pictures, army lists, campaigns, scenarios, conversions, tips, reviews, links...

Don't hold your breath though... :)

Page 1: Artillery, Elephants and a Spanish ambush

Page 2: Roman Camp

A great collection of links on PSR site